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OATHBREAKER To Work On A New Album, Might Not Play Any Shows In 2018

Posted by on September 21, 2017 at 4:03 pm

Oathbreaker's 2016 album Rheia was really well-received across the board, and seems to have put the band on the map. In keeping with the usual "album every two years" schedule most bands seems to have, Oathbreaker has announced it'll begin writing a new album very soon. Though you shouldn't have high hopes to see the band play said new album live in 2018, because they're pretty burnt out on touring.

2017 has been a heavy year for Oathbreaker, both for us as human beings and as a band. So we've decided to take some time off from touring for a while, to focus on life and staying sane. We’ll start writing a new record very soon, and may or may not play live shows in 2018. Life is strange, so who knows.

We are not breaking up, this is not a hiatus. We just need some time off from Oathbreaker to keep the fire burning.

With this in mind, we will play a handful of European shows in December 2017 with Syndrome. Hope to see all of you there. Thank you.

Sure, that sucks, but life gets in the way of fun a lot of the time. We hope everyone in Oathbreaker and their families and friends are doing just fine, and we're definitely stoked to hear whatever they come up with next!

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