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Jeff Hanneman To Sit Out SLAYER Tour Due to Infection

Posted on February 14, 2011

Jeff Hanneman got bit by a nasty spider last month and had to undergo emergency surgery on his right arm. Eww, I wonder what our favorite nature explorer would say about this. Anyway, this poses a problem to Slayer because they have a big Australian tour coming up, which of course means money. And Hanneman don't want to give that up and neither does Slayer. So they've decided to put a little PR spin on it:

"Jeff is our brother, we've all been friends and together as a band for almost 30 years," said Araya, "so we just want him to completely recover as soon as possible."

"After everything that happened last year," King added, "we all agreed that we just can't let our fans down again," referring to Araya's severe back and neck pain that prompted his January 2010 surgery, unfortunately leading to the band's postponement or cancellation of numerous shows in 2009 and 2010. "Jeff is totally on board with this decision, so we will tour as planned. At this point, we can't pinpoint exactly what day he'll be back, but he'll be back as soon as he possibly can. And we can't wait for Jeff to get better and get his ass back on the road."

Let's be honest, this could end up being really cool should they get the right replacement. But who could it be? As soon as we find out, we'll report on that because I'm sure there are dudes like this guy going nuts right now.

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