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Corey Taylor Reassures: SLIPKNOT Is Not Falling Apart

Posted by on December 30, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Slipknot ended the year with a shocking statement: they parted ways with Joey Jordison. The band, who is definitely still in writing mode, kept mum on the topic save for an oddly-timed interview with frontman Corey Taylor the day after the announcement, but I guess Taylor has been getting a lot of feedback from fans maggots and decided to take to Twitter to reassure everybody that things are going to be fine.

Taylor posted the following update on Twitter last night:

For his part, Joey Jordison has yet to make a statement, but we have heard through intermediaries that he is not pleased with how things went down. Maybe we'll get his side of the story in 2014. The band has yet to comment on who will be replacing Jordison, perhaps they could use our suggestions for 10 possible replacements.

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