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Surgically Implanted Headphones: Now A Thing!

Living in a city, headphones can be a bit of a pain. Traveling doesn't really allow me to wear my studio monitor headphones because that damn cable is so long, and my in-ears are ok, but I swear at least once a week it gets tied up in something. While Bluetooth headphones are certainly an option, one dude, Rich Lee, went above and beyond and got headphones implanted in his ear. What?! 

Lee basically got a magnet installed in his earlobe which he can play music through. I barely understand just how this works, but Gizmodo broke it down for me:

To keep the implant almost completely imperceptible, audio signals are transmitted via a coil Lee wears around his neck—based on this Instructable—that creates a magnetic field causing the implant to vibrate and produce sound. Audio quality is certainly nowhere near close to what you'd get from headphones or an actual pair of earbuds, but Lee's approach has a lot of distinct advantages.

In addition to listening to music whenever and wherever he wants, Lee also has plans to hook the wireless system up to various sensors like ultrasonic rangefinders, thermometers, and even geiger counters, giving him the ability to hear distances like a bat, or sense how hot something is without touching it.

The future is now! If this is something you think you would like to put yourself through, Rich has created a DIY tutorial to help you out. Fuckin' magnets man…


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