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Lars Ulrich Wants To Know Who The Hell Is Still Buying METALLICA's The Black Album

Seriously, how does it keep selling 5,000 copies per week.

Seriously, how does it keep selling 5,000 copies per week.

Like it or not, Metallica/The Black Album by Metallica is an absolute behemoth of a record when it comes to sales. The album is currently 16x platinum certified by the RIAA in the United States, meaning it has sold over 16,000,000 copies in America alone since its debut in 1991. The album is still selling well with 1,000+ copies per week… and Lars Ulrich wants to know who the fuck keeps buying it.

Ulrich tells Metal Hammer that he legitimately has not a clue as to who the consumers are, per week, that are still buying Metallica. Please tell him who you are.

"It's pretty amazing that 5000 people still buy The Black Album every week in the US. I think you file that one under 'mindfuck.' I'd like to meet, No. 3267 last week. Who is that person? Did you not own it? Are you just replacing your old copy? Did it just show up on your radar?’”

Maybe Dave Mustaine keeps buying them weekly, and then smashing them out of frustration.

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