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MEGADETH NFT Sells For Over $18,000

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Megadeth recently launched their first non-fungible token (NFT) titled Vic Rattlehead: Genesis for sale over on on the Rarible site, and which could only be bought with the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency WETH. At the time I thought it was slightly insane that the NFT was hovering around 0.15 WETH, or roughly $300, but apparently, that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg.

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Vic Rattlehead: Genesis ended up selling for 8.4 ETH, or about $18,000. So congratulations to whoever bought a fancy .gif. You can see the NFT below, which looks not at all different from the one that was purchased. Still, only 20% of the proceeds of the sale go to the band, and the rest go to Rarible. So it's not like the band is seeing that much, though I guess the overhead for this type of thing is really low.

As for Megadeth the actual band, they're wrapping up working on a new album. The new Megadeth album will feature a cover song that Mustaine has not yet revealed to fans. It might also maybe feature Mustaine using some of his new Gibson guitars?

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