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Foreign Visa Fee For Artists Looking To Enter The U.S. To Increase Over 50%

Metal bands have already had a hard time getting into the country, and this makes things harder.


Before we even had this pandemic to deal with, you may have noticed a trend of international metal acts canceling their tours at the last minute due to visa issues. Well, the U.S. government is now making it even harder for international acts to visit the United States by increasing fees over 50% by the end of the year.

These changes, according to Quietus, will lead to higher application fees and longer processing times, which means less assurance that a tour could even happen, thus leading to some bands deciding it's not worth the risk. If a tour gets canceled due to visa issues, bands lose out on a ton of money for canceled flights, deposits, etc.

There are two types of visas, and both will see increases. Filing fees for an O via, which would apply to "Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement," will rise from $460 to $705, a rise of 53%.

P visas, which apply to groups or "culturally unique" artists, see a 51% rise to a total cost of $695. A fast tracking application fee, which can see the application dealt with within 15 days, costs $1,000.

These changes will come into effect on October 2. More info can be read on the Federal Register website.

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