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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Sign To New Label, Before Their Old Label Deal Is Even Up

Posted by on May 25, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Things are getting pretty interesting in the Five Finger Death Punch camp. A few weeks ago, Five Finger Death Punch's label, Prospect Park filed a lawsuit against the band to prevent them from going into the studio to record a new album, their final record on their current contract, claiming Five Finger are "shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate."

Five Finger Death Punch responded the following day calling the suit a publicity stunt in an attempt to draw more value to label, so the CEO, Jeff Kwatinetz, could sell at a higher price with the value of the label being higher if he can offer one more Five Finger album. Well, the band isn't even waiting for the lawsuit to be settled before making plans to move on. Today, they announced they signed a new label deal with Rise Records. The band will join the Rise Records roster after the completion and release of their final album on their current label, Prospect Park. Founding guitarist Zoltan Bathory commented:

“We are looking forward to the next phase of our recording career,. We have had great success with our current label, Prospect Park, and will continue to enjoy further success with our next and final album (subject to surmounting the label’s court action to prevent us from recording it), after which we will commence a new and exciting label partnership with the people at Rise and BMG"

It is highly unusual for a band to announce such a deal while still under a current deal. Clearly, this was a very calculated move and it'll be interesting to see how things progress from here.

Five Finger Death Punch formed in 2005 and have released five studio albums since, on pace to release one every two years.

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