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EARACHE's New Extreme Stage Diving iPhone Game Looks Great!

My new addiction is the iPhone game Angry Birds. It's the simplest of games, you launch a bird into a structure which contains pigs that you want to destroy. So many train rides have been made to feel like they were over in minutes because of this game. Looks like somebody at Earache understands this addiction as they are releasing a game very similar to Angry Birds, except far more metal.

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The premise of the game is you launch a metal dude off a stage and the further you launch him the more points you get. While you are trying to beat your high score, there is an awesome soundtrack of new and old Earache bands playing in the background. It's actually quite a brilliant marketing strategy as it gives fans a reason to listen to the label's music without beating them over the head with it. I am surprised other labels haven't jumped on this strategy.

The game comes out next Wednesday, November 29th and will be available on all iPhones and iPod Touches with an iPad version planned in the future. You can see a demo of the game above.

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