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SUICIDE SILENCE Just Posted A Song Snippet With Their "New Vocalist"

Update: The band have confirmed Eddie as their new vocalist. Original story as follows:

Earlier today, the news broke that All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida is rumored to be the new vocalist of Suicide Silence. I say "rumored" because the band themselves haven't confirmed it. Since the rumor broke, we spoke with our own sources and we can tell you the only thing keeping this from being a fact is the band acknowledging it.

Rather than come right out and say it, the band instead is choosing to tease fans. They just released a new snippet of music, their track "You Only Live Once" off their 2011 album The Black Crown, with their new vocalist. Here is the sample: 

Without the band spelling it out, it's clear that Eddie is the only doing those squeals. I'm sure the band will make an official announcement shortly. As if you needed more proof (other than our word, because we just told you we spoke to people in the know who confirm Eddie is the vocalist), the above photo is Eddie's current cover photo on his personal Facebook page.

Fan reaction online has been mixed for the decision. Ultimately, I feel the band has every right to move on, and it seems like they will be supporting Mitch's daughter, Kenadee, as the page for the above video includes a link to donate to her education fund.

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