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JOHN LAMACCHIA (CANDIRIA) Discusses Creating His New Solo Album Thunderheads, Favorite Moments & Songs

Plus a little on his writing process.


John LaMacchia's career in music spans everything from Candiria and Spylacopa to his recent, self-titled solo project. LaMacchia just released his debut album Thunderheads (available digitally and physically here), and we sat down with the man himself to discuss everything from his favorite moments on the LP to its lineup, as well as what's next!

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Listening to your solo album and your work with Candiria back to back paints a really unique picture of your musical mindset. Was what you're doing with your solo work something you always wanted to do while you were in Candiria? Or was this something that cropped up in the years after, and working on projects like Spylacopa?

I have written songs like this for many years prior to joining Candiria and continued to write and record this kind of music during my time in the band. There is a pretty broad spectrum of style and sound throughout the years but at the heart of it is song writing. Spylacopa was just another chapter in that journey.

What's your proudest moment (or moments) on Thunderheads? You know, the moment that when you listened back you had that "holy crap" kind of reaction?

I'd say it's a toss up between "A Ghost on Tectonic Plates" and "Angels Delight." "Angels Delight" was definitely the holy crap moment. That was a really great writing experience that I shared with Candice Freshko who co-wrote the song with me. We were riding high on that one for sure. I still love watching the video. Candice's performance is so authentic and captivating. Straight from the soul. I love that woman.

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How did you put together the lineup for Thunderheads? You've got everyone from bands like Candiria and Spotlights on here to Kellii Scott of Failure. Was the music written for this specific lineup, or was everyone chosen after you had the concepts down?

I tend to work with the people I am closest to. The people that know me and my music best. So working with Michael MacIvor from Candiria was a no brainer. Mario Quintero is another person I have built a relationship with over the passed decade or so and he totally gets my style and sound. Kellii Scott on the other hand was playing drums for hire during the pandemic and I reached out to him. He liked the songs and the rest is history. I'm a huge Failure fan so it's a pretty big thrill to have worked with him and have him on the album.

If you could only show someone one song from Thunderheads, which would you choose?

That's a good question because the style varies quite a bit. I think I would have to go with "Bled Out." It has a pretty strong musical hook in it that I think gets people interested in hearing more.

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With Thunderheads out now, what's next for you? You don't seem like the type that ever stops working on creative endeavors.

More of the same. I want to get another record out but at the same time I want to begin working on a stage production. Not just music but somehow incorporating video and other types of performers. It's still all coming together in my head. Maybe we can do another one of these down the line and I can tell you all about it!

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