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Injection Reflection

GWAR Drama, New MEGADETH Album Written & 8 Other Stories You May Have Missed

This has been quite the dramatic week to say the least…

  1. At Least 3 Dead After Deadly Van Accident Killing Members of Black Metal Bands WORMREICH & KHAOTIKA
  2. MARILYN MANSON Caught Lying In A Reddit AMA
  3. CANNIBAL CORPSE Fans Explain The Appeal of the Band To A Metal Outsider
  4. If You Still Don't Think Varg Vikernes is Racist After Watching This Video, You're Either Blind or Racist
  5. 10 Bands With Revolving Lineups
  6. GWAR Release Statement Vehemently Denying Accusations by Dave Brockie's Father
  7. Kirk Hammett Seems Annoyed With Questions About New METALLICA Music
  8. MEGADETH Have 15 Songs Written For Their New Album
  9. BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Bassist Says The New Record Features Mostly Clean Vocals!
  10. Menza Says Classic MEGADETH Lineup Almost Reunited But Mustaine Was Being Cheap

We'll be back on Sunday for the Livecast, we're starting one hour early at 5pm eastern.

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