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MARILYN MANSON Caught Lying In A Reddit AMA

Hey Marilyn, if you're going to lie, make sure to do it in a forum where people can't immediately call you out on it!

Hey Marilyn, if you're going to lie, make sure to do it in a forum where people can't immediately call you out on it!

This has been a rough week for Marilyn Manson. He got clocked in a Denny's in Canada early in the week, and has said he's looking to press charges. On top of that, he recently did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) along with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to promote their summer tour and was basically caught lying by the hive mind.

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The question asked was "What are the most memorable places you've toured?" and here is how Manson decided to respond:

One time, Billy, we played the MTV Europe Awards, in Ireland, and I came onstage, and I had a cross made of televisions that was on fire, and I was painted entirely back and wearing a cowboy hat. And the ENTIRE audience turned their backs on me. You will NEVER see it on MTV. The most unusual protest I'd ever seen. I just laughed the entire time. I forgot about the whole "Catholic" thing there…

I guess Manson forgot that everything is available on the internet, because the very next comment is a link to a clip of the performance:

I'll spare you the trouble of watching the performance… nobody is really turning their backs. It's just a jaded MTV crowd not knowing how to react to Manson in a thong. Hey Marilyn, if you're going to lie, make sure to do it in a forum where people can't immediately call you out on it!

Other highlights of the Reddit AMA. Manson doesn't play video games:

Marilyn – do you ever just surf the internet when you're bored, or do any geeky/nerdy things like play video games?
MM: Uh, I don't play video games. Sometimes I like to get drunk and buy things on the internet, and then I wake up the next day and find 'em on my doorstep, and it's like Christmas. I get excited.

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When asked what the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to him, the answer was being mistaken for Michael Jackson:

For me… I would say that one of the weirdest things that anyone has ever said to me – well they didn't say it TO me, but I was walking into a movie theater, and I happened to have a black fedora on, and someone yelledISN'T THAT MICHAEL JACKSON?!?! Now, I don't know if they were a fan of me or MIchael Jackson. There's lots of things that people have said to me… there's a lot of people who when they tell you how they feel about your music, I keep those locked in my memory bank. Those are things that remind me of the collateral effect of what I do. I don't do what I do for anyone but myself. But i do want to share it with people – of course, as an artist, you're not in a vacuum. You can't create things in a vacuum. So I think – and I mostly remember things that people who aren't fans are. Most often they said "AH thought what you said in Bowling for Columbine was really intelligent. Ah never knew you were so smart!" and my response is always the same:

Well, I never knew you were so fucking stupid. Because I don't know you.

On their favorite rumors about themselves:

BC: Well there used to be this rumor I was the kid from THE WONDER YEARS. And then somewhere over the years it turned to Manson. The rumor transferred over to him like a virus.

MM: Yeah, I think it might've been – Billy and I used to spend quite a lot of time together in Los Angeles, when I first moved there. And one fun fact is that I DID go for a ride with Billy once, and I threw up, because he was driving very fast! Or you can tell that story – what's your version?

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BC: We had our own MULHOLLAND DRIVE movie.

MM: Well, he said "Do you want to go for a ride?" like he does in his song – and of course, he got that, cuz he's smart as a whip, and so I went for a ride in his whip…

BC: We're both cat lovers.

MM: That is true. We both love cats.

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BC: We love cats more than we love women.

You can check out the entire AMA right here.

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