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METALLICA Haters Get A New Voice: Clipping Death

METALLICA Haters Get A New Voice: Clipping Death

The reaction to the new METALLICA record, Death Magentic, is split with people either saying this is Metallica's return to their roots and others blasting the record, thinking this band's time has passed. There have been many critiques of the new record, whether it be that some of the songs are too long or the audio quality of the mix is just terrible. Well, one fan must really hate Rick Rubin, or just have a lot of free time on his hands, as there is a new Myspace page in the wild for a band called Clipping Death. A band, whose entire purpose is creating Metallica parodies blasting Rick Rubin, such as "Master of Muppets", whose lyrics start:

End of session day, Rubin works away:
I'm your source of song-destruction
Tunes that hurt you ear, poor sound engineer
Leaving spikes on my instruction
Trust me you will see
Volume's all you need
Dedicated to
How I'll limit you

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Some funny stuff. He even re-worked all the band's albums to be a parody statement on how much the sound of the new record sucks:

Clipping Deth Discography

Check out the band's Myspace page for higher-res album art, and the songs.

[ via forum post by Junkie treefiddy ]

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