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Some band gets back together, why does anybody care?

So Blabbermouth is reporting that a much-maligned band iz back together, and already people are up in arms as if the world were being subjected to a third Bush term. Before we never address this topic again, let's remember a 20-year-old chorus from MINISTRY.

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Who the hell cares? Why are people so bent out of shape about this band getting back together? Are you afraid of the almost entirely unfathomable chance that they're going to start having hits again after being universally ignored for years? Even if this band gets popular again, are you paying such close attention to modern rock radio that this band will make your existence even more miserable than it already is by sitting through 50 minutes of commercials and NICKELBACK? If you're deeply bothered by this bit of news, then the problem isn't with the white guy from the LIL' BOW WOW video. And no, we're not linking to that.

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