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Heaviest Riff in the Universe: Writing a Song From YOUR Riff! (Video)


Earlier in November, as part of recording software maker Toontrack’s Metal Month campaign, we asked you for the HEAVIEST RIFF IN THE UNIVERSE. One riff. Written by you. The riff to destroy all other riffs.

And you delivered! Hundreds of musicians submitted entries, and Gear Gods editor Trey Xavier sorted through them all.

The chosen winner was Stu Gold, whose beastly riff was then handed over to Trey to use as the basis for a brand new song. Not only has Trey written that song and posted it for the world's enjoyment, but he's documented the whole process on video in his trademark format so you can see exactly how the sausage was made.

Have a look at the final product below! If you get antsy and just want to hear the song, that's at the 14:00 mark, but we highly recommend you watch some of Trey's process; it's incredibly enlightening and quite captivating.

For his excellent riffsmanship, Stu receives a sweet prize pack from Toontrack including EZdrummer 2EZbassEZmix 2 and the Metal Guitar Gods 3 EZmix pack, as well as, of course, screen-time in the final video. Thank you so much, Stu, and great work!

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