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Trevor from BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's 19 Sick Underground Releases Sure To Skin You Alive This Summer

Posted by on June 28, 2017 at 2:15 pm

Hi kids, do you like violence? Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder here again with more sick underground offerings to embalm your earholes this summer! I am reporting from the venue Logo in Hamburg Germany on TBDM’s current romp of the European festival circuit as I write this introduction. Tonight we slam with two Obituarist featured bands Acranius and Pighead! So far, it’s been an adventure, half sun burnt and half rain soaked. Typical!

I realize this column is hardly monthly anymore, and I appreciate the patience of you ghoulish readers as well as the fine folks at Metal Injection while I over stir my witchy brew. My focus has been on the new Black Dahlia album, which is currently being mixed. It’s been stressful to leave on a tour in the midst of mixing and dialing in the album’s design, not to mention leaving this very article looming in the balance. Too much homework for a wild man of my stature. Anyway, thanks for stopping by again and tell your friends. Also, I implore you US based freaks to come see The Black Dahlia Murder on Summer Slaughter (dates here), where we will perform Nocturnal front to back, if that’s your sort of thing. For now, choke on these 19 chewable chunks of crushing undergound carnage! See ya on the other side!

Acedia Mundi – Speculum Humanae Salvationis

The French continue to take black metal to dissonant new depths. Yes, that’s a cyclops baby on the cover. Fucking gnarly. I hear they only live for a little while, a shame, as I’d really like to be friends with a cyclops. And if I were a cyclops, I suppose I would have a monocle instead of these sexy frames I’m rocking right now. Anyway, these freaky Frenchman are intent on scaring the shit out of the listener, and they do a pretty fine job. They are definitely cut from that same expiremental and alien cloth as gods Deathspell Omega, like so many modern black metal bands these days. This is a good thing in my book. The riffs are wirey and twisted, creating a threatening atmosphere while a solid and competent bass pins everything down firmly to earth. There are times when Acedia Mundi sound like a violent blackened whirlwind; teeming with explosive chaos, and times when they relent with off kilter open parts that are equally unsettling. They are toying with you, and they like it. I enjoy the spastic layering of the vocals. Dude sounds like a rabid psycho, much in the way of Arioch from his days doing Funeral Mist (now better known as Mortuus of Marduk fame). Overall, this debut outing of black metal damage is worth your while if you’re into DsO, Numinous, Fides Inversa, Subvertio Deus, or Imperial Triumphant. Grab this now and gouge your eye out with glee!
Grab it here

Birth Of Depravity – From Obscure Domains

Greek brutal death metal has a trademark sound, and these guys are great representatives. With their sophomore full length From Obscure Domains, Birth Of Depravity are sickening ambassadors flying a proud flag of sheer brutality! In a sense, they have an old school flavor in that the heart of it all, you’ll hear a lot of Suffocation. Much Suffo-blasting occurs herein. Like countrymen Mass Infection and Inveracity these dudes also have those enormously hooky tremolo riffs. This is wherein a lot of the albums catchiness factor lies. I find this to be a huge jump in quality from their last release. It’s a lot more refined and professional from the outset whereas The Coming of the Ineffable was marred by a strange production. The recording here is raw and real but nicely mixed, not unlike something that would come out on New Standard Elite. I am a sucker for this recent wave of grey brutal death artworks. Looks fucking cool! Out now on Dismembered Records out of Indonesia, who are easily one of the most exciting labels out East. If you like Relics Of Humanity, Kataplexia, Vulnus, Mass Infection or Inveracity, this crusher will do you well!
Grab it here

Bonehunter – Sexual Panic Human Machine

Yes, that is a werewolf with a huge boner on the front. Or maybe it’s a werebear. That would be even sicker, if you ask me. Either way, it really says it all about this band: they give no fucks; and you, the hapless listener, are in for an animalistic good time. Bonehunter hail from Oulu, Finland and unleash a scathing brand of adrenaline charged metal punk mayhem, which I would say owe a good bit to countrymen Impaled Nazarene. Fingerless gloves, spiked leathers, and beer-soaked basement ragers are their mainstays, and you’d better stand aside or these switchblade wielding crazies will fuck you up beyond reprieve! I have to thank my lovely long-time girlfriend Casey for turning me on to these freaks. This is exactly the kind of attitude-y stuff she lives for. On many car rides I have been subjected to their awesome live tape, which I would also recommend. Dudes are tight as balls and seem like a lot of fun to see. One quick glance at the thank you list of Sexual Panic Human Machine and you’ll gather that these guys have made a second home of Detroit. They truly seem like long lost brethren to Shitfucker and Wastelander, so this is no surprise. I’m sure they are more than welcome here, I know that Casey quite enjoyed their show. Hell, the attention-grabbing artwork was handled by none other than Shagrat of Shitfucker/Reaper/Acid Witch fame. Brothers from other mothers! Bonehunter are the sleazy street metal merchants you need and Sexual Panic Human Machine is a rocking good time sure to keep your pants pitching a full-on denim circus tent. If Teen Wolf were a porno movie, this would be soundtrack. Fuck or be fucked!
FFO: Midnight, Shitfucker, Chapel, Witchgrave, Bulldozer, Whipstriker
Grab it here

Cenotaph – Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions

That fucking breath you hear at the very beginning of the album. That little sip of oxygen belongs to Batu Centin, one of the sickest vocalists on earth, filling his monstrous lungs with the earthly wind necessary to unfurl his universe shattering guttural growl upon us all! These guys are total underground legends. Before you can say “well this isn’t the Mexican pre-The Chasm Cenotaph!” I challenge you on why you can’t like two bands with the same name? Quit being so closed minded. I wouldn’t care if there were 14 different Cenotaphs, I’d listen to all of ‘em in search of the next sickest thing going. Unlike the doomed out old school death of Cenotaph (Mex), these cats are legends of unfurling a spiraling brand of twisted technical brutality that is not for the faint of heart. I feel like this has a slightly more grindy element than the last album, lots of ripping blast passages. Some nice bizarre Malignancy type twisted riffs courtesy of new recruit (and Decimation guitarist) Erkin Öztürk, who much to my delight is very generous with the pinch harmonics and clever harmonic raking. Erkin does a spectacular job of honoring Cenotaph’s labyrinthine legacy will endless miles of schizophrenic guitar shrapnel. Astute observers will hear a good dose of Whisper Supremacy era Cryptopsy in Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions sideways yet fluid technicality. The songs can sound like they are unravelling at times, threatening to take the listener’s sanity down with it. Without Lille Gruber of Defeated Sanity behind the kit, the drums sound slightly less jazzy this time around. Instead new blood Alican Erbaş has opted for an all out display of force. We are harshly greeted with a barrage of really angry sounding blast beats. I can dig it! What has returned is the super low end heavy production of the last record. That crushing bassiness was one of the most addictive parts of this modernized Cenotaph, and I’m glad to hear it again. If you know anything about these Turks, it is probably that Batu Cetin is the vocalist and heart of this band. He has been the constant nucleus holding this shapeshifting demon together since 1994, no small feat. He always manages to surround himself with the sickest of talents and the quality Cenotaph is synonymous with never seems to wane. I have always been a big fan of Batu’s dry, midrangey gutturals… I feel like he has a unique sound and his depravity is on full display on this beast. The fifth track, “Antagony Of Embriotoma” is slower number and a definite standout. The crawling riffage here is too grimy for words. It sounds like a gigantic man-eating snake slowly unwinding it’s coil before the impending death strike. Godly stuff from a godly brutal death unit. Get this now and spiral into gory madness!
Grab it here

Cordyceps – Black Blood Butchery

Goddamn it, this is so good! Top notch brutality! Upon my initial go through the album, it was so refreshing and absolutely crushing that I had to listen to each song twice in a row. I had a few good chuckles during this little session, this band is just so ripping that all I can do is shake my head and laugh in disbelief! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this and Seminal Embalmment. Perhaps Dan over at New Standard Elite was just trying to give us a little breather and let us plaster all the holes we’ve kicked in our walls in his name. I mean the guy has been decimating our eardrums literally nonstop with his flawless label’s seemingly endless barrage of brutality for five years already. Time flies when you’re being brutalized! Anyway, Las Vegas sickos Coryceps are a welcome piece of the growing puzzle, and I find them to be a bit more artful, thoughtful and progressive than a lot of what we’ve seen from New Standard Elite so far. This is pretty far away from the savagely neanderthalic works of Dissevered and Hymenotomy… I’m not saying it’s not heavy nor gruesome as fuck, it’s still those things and a whole lot more. Black Blood Butchery is a veritable festival of blazing technicality and musical prowess. This is thinking man’s brutal death metal in every way. Even the artwork is unexpected and quite ominous. I found it to be a nice break from all the colorful stuff out there. I hear a lot of early Saprogenic in what these guys are doing, at least in their most straight forward moments. It’s likely a coincidence, but I feel like these guys are cut from a similar cloth in terms of their downright scathing riffs, which can lean into death/grind territories at times. Mnemonic Wetbrain Syndrome comes to mind as well when they are really cooking. It has that surgically precise feel in spite of it’s New Standard Elite mandatory rawness. I have to hand it to Cordyceps for the amount of intelligence they’ve injected into this stunning ep. This music clearly wasn’t written in a day. It moves cleverly from part to part, with great transitions, utilizing lots of tension build/release. Just when these dudes have dazzled your brain silly, they’ll mercilessly crush you with one of the heaviest breakdowns you’ve ever heard. The dissonant parts the band utilizes are a nice modern touch. The spidery bass playing is exceptional and a crucial part of the formula to Black Blood Butchery’s magic. There are some jaw dropping, outside of the box ideas here that firmly place this beast in 2017. This is the new sound of terror! You can almost feel the blood spraying on your face! Get this now and get sick with one of brutal death’s most exciting new forces.
Grab it here

Dawn of Disease – Ascension Gate

Dawn of Disease are back! These regal death metal stalwarts are making quite a statement with the stunning Ascension Gate and are ready for the glory of the battlefield in 2017. I enjoy the confident striding pace these dudes utilize. They sound like seasoned veterans of this melodic metal game, conjuring up a lot of drama and feel that hits the listener right in the heart. A lot of their cannon is steeped in Gothenburg Sweden’s choice melodic sensibility, but it never travels into the icky toothless territory that would normally have me cringing these days at just the mention of the two words “melodic” and “metal” in succession. They still unfurl some blasting and aggressive death metal chops at times, but not quite as predominantly as with their last outing, Worship The Grave, which I featured a while back. This is not at all to the albums detriment. If anything, these dudes have gotten more impactful with their majestic, battle seasoned approach. Great songwriting here. It’s addictive. Once you press play and get a little into the album, you’ll find it hard to shut the damn thing off. It’s deeply satisfying death metal music of the highest order. Fans of Hypocrisy, Deserted Fear, Illdisposed, and Amon Amarth will find a lot to love here. Don’t wait, pre-order this beast of an album now!
Grab it here

Deus Otiosus – Opposer

Dayum! We’ve got a live one here! Deus Otiosus purvey a mighty brand of thrashed out old school death metal with a traditional metal touch that just kills! The riffing is quite godly… these dudes are total veterans and it shows here in every way. Opposer is a massively entertaining outing that has a timeless approach informed by classic heavy metal while retaining its inherent deathliness, not unlike that of Agathus, Arghoslent, and House of Atreus. It’s earthy, organic true death metal sure to please the battle vest clad masses! Perhaps a coincidence, but I hear a lot of Australian legends Armoured Angel at the heart of Opposer, particularly the band’s classic Angel Of The Sixth Order. These dudes move with a similar war ready vibe. Vocalist Anders Bo Rasmussen has a great roar, comparable to that of last Arghoslent album… a dry growl that is powerful and commanding. The banging chorus of “Disturbing The Dead” is an instant classic! “Disturbing the deaaaad! Disturbing the spiders!” I did a double take and had to check the lyric book to see if that spider line was real, it’s just too damn good! There are a lot of similarly addictive choruses throughout this fine album that will drill themselves firmly into your waiting skull. Deus Otiosus are masters of all out catchiness in this regard, and once they get their vorpal sharp hooks in you, you’ll be a fan for life. Frankly, you’d be a poseur to oppose Opposer. Grab this now from Great Dane records.
Grab it here

Ex Dementia – Crack The Coffin

This classic Razorback Records worshipping sound, fueled by love of campy horror movies and Impetigo still exists, thankfully, in the darkest cracks and crevices of the world. In this case, seeping from the darkest underbelly of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. If you are stranger to the bands from Razorback’s early-2000’s heyday (Frightmare, Ghoul, Splatterhouse, Blood Freak, etc) I’d recommend that you rectify this problem immediately. Along with bands like VHS, Cropsey Maniac, and Coffin Dust, Ex Dementia are the perfect torchbearers for this tongue in cheek approach, keeping the Halloween fun alive all year round. They share the same playfully monstrous and catchy mission statement: to make those who walk the darker path in life grin like a mad undertaker from ear to ear.
Grab it here

Exist – So Bound, So True

Exist have dropped an excitingly versatile, shapeshifting album chock full of creative progressive death metal that owes a good deal to Cynic in So True, So Bound. In a way, this band is a like a new Cynic for a new generation. You may already be familiar with their young guitarist/singer Max Phelps, he fronted a Death To All line up, played guitar and offered the harsh vocals in Cynic for a spell and also sang on the tech death half of Defeated Sanity’s split album. What a fucking sick resume! He is obviously an immensely talented guy, especially at such an age (29). Aside from his extreme six string chops, Phelps has got an excellent screaming voice for this kind of music. It reminds me of Patrick Mameli of Pestilence fame. Dry and serpentine and very freakin’ cool! There are also a lot of sung vocals throughout the album, which he handles expertly. Exist have a truly adventurous streak, and can weave some pretty lush soundcapes laden with beautiful clean guitar. So Bound, So True is host to a lot of unique textures and rhythmic ideas. In a way, it’s like he’s citing all eras of Cynic, their aggressive yet thoughtful youth into their rebirth as full on a prog band. The drumming was expertly handled by my friend and yours, Mr. Hannes Grossman (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura, Alkaloid) who dazzles with his usual display of jazzed out drumming fluidity. Not a great deal of blasting throughout, but when it happens, boy is it potent and climatic. Exist have a refreshing sound matched by a wholly refreshing lyrical concept. Instead of prog-metal’s usual space worship themes, these dudes take the piss out of our phone/internet addicted generation and utilize some starkly direct language to do so. It’s as black-humor funny as it is sad. And definitely true. I caught them recently on tour with Gorguts, and they definitely held their own and sounded great in the live arena. Pros all around. If you’re craving something different, Exist’s mercurial sound and sweeping song arrangements might just blow your mind in all the right ways.
FFO: Death, Pestilence, Cynic, Isahn, The Faceless, Ne Obliviscaris
Grab it here

Father Befouled – Desolate Gods

Father Befouled are a fucking scary band, straight up! Few units can purvey an atmosphere this blasphemous! As I’ve stated here before, I basically like anything that has come down the pipe featuring an influence from Incantation, and these fellas are no exception. The last ten years have been plentiful with the dark death metal, and for that I am stoked. I would put these guys in the ‘clone’ territory, and I don’t say that negatively. They seem to be particularly obsessed with Incantation’s fantastic and often overlooked second album, Mortal Throne Of Nazarene. I’ll take as much filthy blackened abyssal death metal as I can get, no questions asked! I happened to meet these dudes when I went out to Blood Of The Wolf festival in Kentucky. They were super nice and it surprised me that they were fans of The Black Dahlia Murder. Flattering, truly! Regardless, Desolate Gods is their strongest effort yet, an immensely foreboding and hideous outing rife with disgusting riffage and suffocating ambiance. One jam of this, and every cross within 25 miles of the listener will invert until the last notes have faded.
FFO: Embrace Of Thorns, Dead Congregation, Impetuous Ritual.
Grab it here

Inhumation – Ontogenesis EP

I really dig these Frederick, Maryland based brutalizers and I can’t fathom why they haven’t taken off more in brutal death metal circles. I barely ever hear their name mentioned. It is a little strange to me that this is their third EP in a row, I’d like to see them take that full length plunge one day. Regardless, Ontogensis is a fine release with a lot of good technicality to chew on. Inhumation have an awesome sense of groove injected into their death, not unlike big guns Dying Fetus or old school Decapitated. I feel like these guys firmly exist in the realm of early 2000’s brutality, eschewing the trappings of these slam-heavy times. I really enjoy the recording here, it sounds like it’s pushed into the red and peaking a little bit, which adds to the angry element these dudes purvey. It has a mean grit to it that you don’t always hear. Grab this now and support the underdog, Inhumation certainly deserve it!
Grab it here

John Frum – A Stirring In The Noos

Wow, I think I’m in love! John Frum come screaming out of nowhere with this incredible debut of brain jarring technical death/black metal to die for. A super group of sorts, John Frum’s impressive pedigree features The Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson, a guitarist from avant garde jazz legend John Zorn and experimental death metal crackheads Cleric, and the roaring vocals of ex-The Faceless singer Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist. Being one of Derek’s peers and former tour buddies, I am completely jealous that this is his new band. It’s so stylish and creatively satisfying, I am sure it feels amazing to be onstage at the helm with a band of such a colorful and dynamic caliber. On the other hand, I am immensely proud of him. This is the kind of thinking man’s dissonant extremity that he worships to no end, and now he’s dove straight into the mire. The result is a dark, psychedelic, warped album of Gorguts-esque technical wizardry, with some blackened leanings. I love the inventive guitar playing, definitely a highlight. The damaged dissonant riffing is thoughtful and at the same time highly aggressive. These dudes get more violent than Gorguts ever would, bordering on utter sonic insanity at times. And then they slip seemlessly back to a quiet serenity. The album is a shapeshifting organism of oily black weirdness, and I simply can’t get enough. Fans of Ulcerate, Gorguts, Dodecahedron and the like will drool at this incredibly intelligent and artful outing.
Grab it here

Moonfog – Blood Splatter Stories

Sweet! My favorite Slovakian brutal death export has returned to the fold in 2017 with this mind bending self-released album chock full of technicality and seeping with gore. Talk about your obscure brutal death, I never see anyone talk about Moonfog, a real shame as they are a pretty talented band. Perhaps their obscurity can be somewhat attributed to their misleading band name. It definitely sounds more black metal than ultra brutal death. While the cover of Moonfog’s fourth proper full length outing leaves a little (okay, a LOT) to be desired, I wouldn’t let that deter you from taking the plunge into what is otherwise a solid release. To put things into my usual layman’s terms, Moonfog are cut from the same spastic cloth as damaged riff sorcerers Malignancy. It’s that wild stream of consciousness style of chopped and screwed death metal supremacy sure to quicken your pulse! Plenty of cool dissonant riffs that you young people seem to love so much. The vocals are an endless bombardment of ree rees, not a single syllable can be discerned. Just how I like it! Overall, this is of really fun romp through the realms of utmost human depravity. This stuff is simply murderous! If you are like me and can’t get enough gory brutality, this should sate your bloodlust for a minute until the next slaughter. Grab this now from the link below and most importantly, tell your friends!
Grab it here

Necrot – Blood Offerings

Seen a pretty good amount of praise for this album and rightly so, Necrot have soul draining death metal riffs for days! Honoring the bay area’s deathly tradition pioneered by the doom-ridden Autopsy, Necrot have unfurled quite the head turning OSDM affair in debut album Blood Offerings. Where the previously released demo collection was impressive, this is full on end of year list material, place your bets now! While there is absolutely nothing new here, this LP is firmly locked in the late eighties early nineties adolescence of my most beloved genre, good old fucking death metal and I couldn’t be more pleased! The power is in the songwriting, each one just resonates exceptionally well, fuming with an authentic fetid reek that will see these fellas rising above the pack this year. It’s catchy shit and will leave a few granules of grave dirt stuck in your ears long after turning this wretched beast off to come up for air. The production is thick, natural, and addictively dark; with a plodding bass that feels very Autopsy-esque. I keep mentioning Riefert and crew, but there are a lot of different sounds at play here. I hear bits of early Sentenced, Scream Bloody Gore era Death, Sadistic Intent and even some Grave in the mix. The end result is a godly walk down death metal’s memory lane, recapturing the punky enthusiasm of early death metal nicely. I love this stuff, and you will too! What are you waiting for? Get morbid with Necrot now!!!
Grab it here

Pestilent Age – Novgorod

Pestilent Age are a largely melodic death metal ensemble from Lapeer, Michigan. I had a brief encounter with their first album, while they were known only as Pestilent, but I had no clue that they were based only a few miles from where I live. These youngsters are quite the talented band, owing a great deal to Viking warlords Amon Amarth. They are armed with an excellent melodic sensibility an attempt to create a lot of drama in their music. They keep what they do pretty simplistic, but their intent is very clear: they want you to pump your fist and join them at the battlefront in a fight for ultimate glory. The songs were made to come ripping out of a huge festival soundsystem where they would come across clear as a bell, and cause many a European beers to spilt upon many a European battle vests. Praise be to the art of war and praise be to Pestilent Age!
Grab it here

Profanity – The Art Of Sickness

Profanity! I love these guys. German underdog death metal… that’s how I see it! Not enough love for these dudes, but hopefully, this scorching new outing will help to rectify that. The Art Of Sickness came as quite a surprise, and I’ve already liked Profanity for a long while. Hell, there was only a 17 year gap between albums. Their 2014 Hatred Hell Within ep was a nice update to their sound but couldn’t have prepared me for the greatness that was to come this year. I’ve always considered Profanity to be a great band, but this new album is just devastating in every respect. It’s easy to hear how seasoned these technical veterans are, they do what they do with such bravado. Sheer muscle and confidence here. A blaze of technical wizardry. Fans of the melodic era of Decrepit Birth would find a lot to love here. Same with fans of the current Unique Leader tech death phenomenon. It’s noodly enough for the young generation but thankfully it never sounds like it’s been informed by deathcore. These guys have been doing what they do for so long, deathcore as a trend has likely been a mere blip on the radar to Profanity. What these guys have assembled here is steeped in professionalism and built to last. Press play now and find out why these fellas are one of German death metal’s best kept secrets!
Grab it here

Ulsect – Ulsect

I was tipped off to these deathly Dutch denizens by the one and only Ryan “Bart” Williams (ex-TBDM). Ryan is ultra-selective in what he listens to, there’s very little out there that seems to impress him so when he tells me to check something out, I surely listen. Not unlike John Frum, who I mentioned earlier, Ulsect play a creative brand of darkened and disjointed death metal with breathtaking dynamics, sure to please fans of dissonance dealers Ulcerate and the like with their hypnotizing chops. Featuring current members of Dodecahedron, and an ex-member of Textures, these guys are very skilled players armed with a lot of colorful and impressive tricks up their collective sleeves. There are some very Neurosis-esque tribal type rhythms that are effective. Like gods Neurosis, these dudes know exactly how to ramp up the drama with their stylish approach. There are also some Djent type moments, perhaps it’s a bit of the sadly dissolved Textures creeping in. Ulsect’s self titled outing is brimming with long winded, adventurous arrangements that will take the listener on a darkly psychedelic vision quest through hell itself. Overall, this is very cool outing of mercurial and mind melting death metal for you thinkers out there. Smoke some killer weed and listen to this! You’ll thank me later.
Grab it here

Wilderness Dream – Paralysis Rise

The homies Wilderness Dream are back to devastate your ear drums with an all-out death thrashing assault straight out of the Bay Area! Singer and guitarist Ben Murray is a longtime buddy of mine, going back to the earliest touring days of TBDM, when I met him and his then band Light This City. He must’ve been about 15 years old then. Ben’s trajectory of musical growth has been astronomical, seeing LTC become quite a force before their initial fizzle out in 2008, along with spearheading Epitaph records pop punkers Heartsounds, along with ex-Light This City vocalist Laura Nichol. Wilderness Dream is Ben’s labor of piss filled love; a snarling rabid dog of a crossover band with balls to spare. It’s angry, almost tangibly so, and will have your knuckles turning white before you can say “prison shank”. I’m finding the tuneage here to be slightly more Black Breath-ish on this release than Ringworm, who were the most glaringly prominent influence of the last album. In fact, I would say mainman Ben Murray’s found his own screaming voice a bit more on Paralysis Rise, where he definitely sounded like Human Furnace Jr. on the last outing. He lost that nasally touch, but trust me, this is no less tough. This music is prison-ready… put your magazine vest under your shirt and get ready for the riot!
Grab it here

Thanks for the readership, mutants! I appreciate each and every one of you, please give these kick ass bands your support and tell your friends. Buy albums, go to shows, buy merchandise. The underground is a better place with you in it!

I will try to be more timely with my next columns… I’m sure Rob has been lying awake at night in pool of sweat waiting for this one. Don’t worry Rob, I’m still out here! Thanks to all my friends online and those who send suggestions, keep the bombardment coming! I always have ears for new tunes.

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