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The Obituarist

Trevor from THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Presents 100+ Extreme Metal Goodies To Keep Your Brain From Imploding During Covid’s Summer of Bummer


Hello metal maniacs! It’s finally that time again. I’ve got an ultra-sick playlist to take your mind off the world crumbling around you (at least for a second, hopefully). I’ve been brewing this extra-potent batch all month long behind the scenes and it’s now ready for your eager earholes.

As sure as death and taxes, the new Incantation track sees them sounding as good as ever thirty plus years into their storied and unwavering career. Necrot proves that their success was no fluke and that they are indeed the next big thing with the arrival of their scathing sophomore effort, Mortal. In the dissonant department, we’ve got new sounds from Imperial Triumphant, Pyrrhon, and the lesser-known Karmacipher, all sure to properly scramble your eggs.

To scratch that brutal itch, we’ve got a well-needed return from BDM gods Disavowed and a dose of some slamming goodness from monsters Katalepsy and Stillbirth. Don’t worry all you corpse-painted folk, I’ve got you, too! Check out Odraza, Grima, or the opening track belonging to new favorites Spirit Possession. Tech? Check. Death/Doom? You bet! Grind? It’s all here folks.

Without further adieux, I present the latest playlist from your old pal The Obituarist. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to open your heart (wallet) and pick up anything you like here, the bands at hand will be very thankful for it. Finally, be safe and be smart. If the world doesn’t explode, we’ll see you next time.

#blacklivesmatter #translivesmatter #defundthepolice #wearamaskdumbass

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