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OZZFEST Nostalgia

Ozzfest 2006: Where Are They Now?

2006’s Ozzfest had another fantastic lineup that featured Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Walls of Jericho, and Lacuna Coil.

2006’s Ozzfest had another fantastic lineup that featured Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Walls of Jericho, and Lacuna Coil.

Ozzfest 2006: Where Are They Now?Another summer, another Ozzfest. 2006’s edition had another fantastic lineup that featured DisturbedAvenged SevenfoldAtreyuWalls of Jericho, and Lacuna Coil. Though Ozzy only performed on a select number of dates, those lucky fans had the rare opportunity to see the Prince of Darkness headline the second stage! The biggest draw by far though was witnessing a leading performance by System of a Down, who at the time just announced that they would be going on a hiatus – one that would not see them perform again until 2011 and would leave fans still awaiting new music over a decade later.

Though the main stage bands garnered plenty of attention, the side stage had arguably just as alluring of a lineup. From start to finish, the second stage was an onslaught of brutality, with groups like UnearthBetween the Buried and MeThe Red Chord, Bleeding Through, and All That Remains pulverizing audiences throughout the afternoon. This time around, we’re only going to highlight two bands from the tour. Though both have disbanded, their ex-members sure as hell haven’t disappeared. View our Ozzfest 2006 photo gallery here.


No one has had to wonder what Devin Townsend has been up to since dissolving SYL in 2007. He’s released three solo albums, an album with Casualties of Cool, and seven with The Devin Townsend Project. He’s written a book (which included yet another disc), is working on a symphony, and is touring with DTP relentlessly. It sucks that so soon after releasing The New Black we had to say goodbye to the band, but you’ve got to agree that Devin’s diverse catalog over the last 11 years has been more than enough to compensate.

As for the other three, you can find them cranking out a reinvigorated Zimmer’s Hole. Guitarist Jed Simon is working on a solo project (which is different than his previous solo effort Tenet) and has been with Joey Jordison through Scar The Martyr and now Vimic. Whatever Jed does, he keeps himself in fantastic company which makes any of his projects a must-hear. Fear Factory featured bassist Byron Stroud both during and after SYL, as well as Gene Hoglan for a time. Gene has drummed for a number of groups including Dethklok (as well as for Brendon Small’s Galaktikon II) and is currently rocking with Testament.

To recount all of their other endeavors in detail over the last decade would take time; time that would be better spent listening to DTP, Vimic, or Testament's latest tunes. Strapping Young Lad was one hell of a band and it should come as no surprise that the four piece is still churning out top-notch metal.


Break ups aren’t easy and this one especially bummed us out. Formed just before the millennium, this talented group from Eastern Pennsylvania unleashed five killer albums across their 14 year run. Each hard hitting, groovy release is worth replaying – especially Iron Gag and A Great Artist. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long after their separation for new projects to surface.

Ecstatic Vision: Not long after ALOL’s breakup, guitarist Doug Sabolick brought us Ecstatic Vision. Playing alongside drummer Jordan Crouse, Sonic Praise and Raw Rock Fury are the psychedelic rock records you didn’t know you needed in your life. Turn it up, sit back, and let Ecstatic Vision send you on a trip.

Mind Power: Vocalist Robert Meadows brings back the pain with the new EP Depopulation from the skull-crushing Mind Power. The band also features members from Dead End Path, Bring The Heat, and Ligeia. Head over to their Facebook page, find your “Negative Spirit Animal” and discover a few reasons why you should not sleep on this group.

Oldbones: Meadows continues his vocal assault with the gritty group Oldbones. Ready to grind your face into the concrete, Oldbones serves up “angry, gross music” that isn’t pretty, clean, or happy. Us vs. Them is out now and will bury you with its brutality.

Are you missing A Life Once Lost and Strapping Young Lad or do you dig their latest projects more? Share your thoughts, as well as your favorite memories from Ozzfest 2006, in the comments!

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