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OZZFEST Nostalgia

OZZFEST 2003: Where Are They Now?

OZZFEST 2003: Where Are They Now?Ozzfest 2003 featured one hell of an Ozzy set, as Zakk Wylde was joined by Jason Newstead and Mike Bordin. Disturbed had just followed up Down With The Sickness with the very successful Believe.  Though Korn was touring to support Take A Look In The Mirror (which Jonathan Davis considers the worst album from the group), the main stage rocked.

The second stage had its share of talent as well. Let’s pluck out a few groups and see if their post-Ozzfest days were fruitful.


This Australian group had a short-lived run, beginning in 2001 and ending with disbandment in 2004.  Their only album, Beginnings, is far from disappointing and they’d surely be welcomed back today. According to their website, 2016 was supposed to see Memento’s return via founding members Justin Stewart Cotta and Jason Smith, but as of now, nothing has been released. While we wait, check out their other projects from over the years: Nine Times Bodyweight and Space.


This Cali four-piece delivered a solid full-length album, Two Angels and a Dream, in 2003. Offering a lighter and cleaner sound compared to their heavier peers on tour, Depswa surely left Ozzfest with a stronger fan base. Unfortunately, it would be another seven years until their second effort, Distorted American Dream, was released. Again, utilizing melodic choruses to complement Jeremy Penick’s harmonious vocals, this album would bittersweet for fans. A year after, Depswa would go on an indefinite hiatus, only putting out a 2015 compilation that featured both rereleased and unreleased tracks.


Between 2001-2003, Hotwire released two albums and an EP, but Ozzfest signified the end for the band. Despite achieving a decent commercial push, they broke up shortly after the tour. The Routine makes for easy listening if you have yet to check them out.

Twisted Method

The heaviest band on this list, (and which features the brother of Mudvayne/Audiotopsy guitarist Greg Tribbett, Twisted Method met a sad fate only a few short years after finding success with Escape From Cape Coma in 2002. They went on an indefinite hiatus in 2005 so that guitarist Andrew Howard could devote his time to parenting. Depressingly, he passed away a few months after the break up at age 23. Aside from a few reunion shows over the years, Twisted Method has remained inactive. The remaining members of the band did form MakeShift Romeo, and while it’s got more of a poppy sound than their original group, it’s worth a listen.

While we may be left without the bands above, fans will be happy to know many of the other supporting acts are still active today. New Zealand rockers The Datsuns released a sixth album in 2014 and toured last year. Sworn Enemy, Killswitch Engage, and Motograter are still touring. Unloco even made an appearance at SXSW this year and Chimaira will play a reunion show in December. We may not have The Revolution Smile, Grade 8, or Nothingface anymore, but with bands like Voivod and Sworn Enemy still going strong, we’re not left without.

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