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Young Daron Malakian Spotted In '99 Metal Mag Saying His Favorite Band is SYSTEM OF A DOWN

"If you guys missed System Of A Down, you missed everything. They blew me away."

One of my favorite recent follows on Instagram is @moshermags, who clip 90s metal mags to tickle our nostalgia bones. For anybody born after 2000, metal magazines were these sort of "analog blogs" that arrived monthly, sometimes weekly, and offered reviews, news, tour dates and most importantly photos of all your favorite bands. I posted some of my favorite posts at the bottom of this story. I want to focus on a specific post from @MosherMags, which outs a young Daron Malakian.

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The magazine feature was a Dynamo Metal Fest 1999 festival report, where fest attendees give their name, age, who the best bands and biggest surprises on the show were. The final person interviewed sure does look familiar.

Indeed, the final interview was a young System of a Down guitarist, Daron Malakian.

You'll notice a young Daron noting that the biggest surprise was "System Of A Down. I just thought those guys were the best."

His verdict? "If you guys missed System Of A Down, you missed everything. They blew me away."

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We're not sure if the Kerrang! editors realized what was happening, but we're here for it regardless.

Here are some more throwbacks. Make sure to follow @moshermags on Instagram.

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Daphne and Celeste pose with a fan at the 2000 Kerrang Awards . . . #daphneandceleste #lemmy #lemmykilmister #motorhead #oohstickyou #ugly #kerrang #kerrangmagazine #2000 #kerrangawards #overkill #moshermags

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