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Back in the Day

The SCORPIONS Heartbreaking Acoustic Cover of 'Drive' by THE CARS From 2001

The outpouring of grief and remembrance following the passing of Ric Ocasek, the extraordinary vocalist/lyricist for The Cars and producer of so many other bands it would make your headbanging head spin, was incredible. And rightly so, as the work of Ocasek and The Cars provided the soundtrack for the 1980s not just by way of their albums, but in films (two words, Phoebe Cates), and again through Ocasek's extensive work with other musicians and groups like Iggy Pop and Bad Brains. The impact made by Ocasek and The Cars is undeniable, and through the decades other bands have covered some of The Cars sweet, iconic jams, including some that might surprise you, like Deftones, Sixx A.M., and one of Germany's heaviest exports, the Scorpions —  all of whom covered the Ocasek-penned song from 1984, "Drive."

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In 2001 the Scorpions released Acoustica; an album full of acoustic versions of their hits, a few covers, and two original songs recorded during three performances in Portugal at The Convento Do Beato, a former convent in Lisbon. In addition to their usual lineup, the band also added more guitars, a cellist, keyboards, additional percussionists, and a trio of backing vocalists for the string of shows which were filmed for the DVD released at the same time. If you are not familiar with "Drive," it is probably best described as one of the saddest, most relatable love/breakup songs ever. As The Cars' primary lyricist, Ocasek's ability to write transcendent lyrics like the ones from "Drive" over and over again was remarkable. The Scorpions took on the challenge of covering "Drive," and while staying true to its original, melancholy musical composition, delivered a startling, sincerely beautiful version of "Drive" that must be heard (and seen) to be believed.

The Scorpions performing an acoustic version of "Drive" in Lisbon in 2001. 

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