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Keeping My Composure While Meeting Sebastian Bach

So I got to fulfill a life long mission of mine last week at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards by meeting Sebastian Bach at the VIP lounge. I'm sort of a big fan. Of course, I didn't tell him that Skid Row was one of my favorite 80's metal bands in my youth, that I listened to them every day on my way to school, that I watched the Skid Row VHS tape, Oh Say Can You Scream like it was the 7 O'Clock News, that I know all the lyrics off their first two LPs, or that I've even taken a photo of the original Skid Row release hanging on the wall at Trax East studio (where they recorded). I apparently have no problem confessing my adolescent fanboyishness to you though. Hey, sometimes you need to keep it in your pants and compose yourself.

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One of the highlights of the award show for me was watching Sebastian get on stage with Asking Alexandria for a rendition of "Youth Gone Wild." It wasn't just because the vocalist of AA accidentally dropped his mic and dove under the drum riser to catch it as it rolled away, while being taped for television (HILARIOUS!). I was thoroughly impressed that Bach could not only still pull it off, but his vibrato sounds just as good and healthy as it did 22 years ago. SHIT that deserves some sort of award. The song has been stuck in my head since the award show, so in an effort to pass it along, enjoy!

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