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Back in the Day

Back In The Day – DEATH ANGEL

by: Frank Godla

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Oh man, this track takes me back to my youngest of cognitive metal years. It was a time where high-top white sneakers wasn't a fashion statement, but just what you wore because it's what everyone wore, a time when gum was 5 cents and even included a free comic inside, a time when recording an instrumental track was considered daring for a metal band. I'm of course talking about the stone-age year of 1987 when thrash was king, and Death Angel was the ambassador of awesomeness.

This song is the title track from Death Angel's debut record The Ultra-Violence, which I still to this day consider a thrash masterpiece of it's time. For an extra bonus nostalgic throw back be sure to check out the music video they made for the LP, it was banned by MTV for lyrical content. Way to go MTV!

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