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Back in the Day

Back In The Day – Samael

Back in 1994, I apparently listened to more European metal than anything else (judging by my posts thus far). For good reason too, it was a time Earache and Century Media could do no wrong, releasing LP after LP of influential European music that would later shape the sound of American sub-cultures. However, in order to own such a collection of bestial hits, you better have at least one grim disc from the swiss black metal cross over band Samael. 1994 marked their debut on Century Media with an LP so satanic, I was sent to the dean's office 5 times in a single year for sporting the band's T-shirt (shown below). The music video "Baphomets Throne" off said LP "Ceremony of Opposites" features the band in full satanic throttle, before packing in the Jesus hateraid and exchanging it for several Roland keyboards and drum machine.

Ceremony Of Opposites

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