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Back in the Day

Back In The Day – Dissection

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Back in 1993, the land of Sweden had spawned yet another influential metal band by the name of Dissection. Although not the band's first recording, Dissection's 1993 LP "The Somberlain" was the first official release from these black / death metal pioneers. A year before it's release date, the band originally from Stromstad Sweden, picked up and relocated to Gothenburg where they shared a rehearsal space with other Swedish legends At The Gates. This may, or may not be the influence they needed to create what is known to be the first "Black-Death Metal" LP recorded.

While Dissection's 1990 demo "The Grief Prophecy" was re-released in memory of Dead, the former vocalist for the notorious Norwegian black metal group Mayhem, "The Somberlain" was dedicated to Euronymous, guitarist of Mayhem who was murdered the same year of it's release.

This live video of "The Somberlain" is off Dissection's only DVD release "Rebirth of Dissection" filmed in 2004. This was in fact the first show the band played after vocalist Jon Nodtveidt was release from prison, where he spent 7 years doing time for murdering a homosexual male. 2 Years after this live DVD taping that featured no original Dissection members but himself, Nodtveidt was forbidden to enter the United States because of his incarceration and was unable to finish the band's final tour. 2 weeks after Dissection's farewell concert in Stockholm, Jon Nodtveidt was found dead from self inflicted gun shot wounds.

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