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RIHANNA Spotted Rocking PANTERA Pot Leaf Shirt & Mullet

Rihanna has been giving nods to heavy metal for many years now. A friend of hers said there was a period where Slipknot was her favorite band, and who can forget when she hired death metal designers to design kvlt logos for her. Remember these:

Photo: MTV
Photo: MTV
Photo: MTV

She's previously been spotted in Judas Priest merch, in Krokus merch and now the pop star is repping the Cowboys from Hell.

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Rihanna was spotted in Santa Monica, California yesterday and while all the gossip mags are talking about her mullet being back, we couldn't help but notice she is rocking a vintage Pantera pot-leaf t-shirt. Pantera sells a similar version in their merch store, but this looks like an original printing, as it has the text under it "Bad Company did it. So can we(ed)."

Here are some looks at her looks:

[Thanks for the tip, Jennifer A.]

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