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Bandcamp Buried Treasure

Tasmania's SEPARATIST Will Make You Rethink Heavy

Take everything you ever thought was heavy and throw that garbage where it belongs.

Take everything you ever thought was heavy and throw that garbage where it belongs.

Welcome back to Bandcamp Buried Treasure! Can you believe I keep finding good bands to talk about? I swear, every single week I think "this has to be the last week I have someone to write about," but here we are listening to amazing music. Thanks for reading as well- you guys and your feedback keep this article going more than anything. Anyway, you know the rules of the article by now:

  • I hunt down awesome artists on Bandcamp that have their album up for Buy It Now/Free Download and give them a write up. I'm not explicitly telling you to download the album for free since I'm a big supporter of buying your music, but I like the option for my readership to be there.
  • The goal is to introduce you to smaller bands or obscure side-projects you might not have heard of. Anything to expand your musical horizons by just a little bit each week!
  • And of course, for there to be a conversation about similar bands or bands you think I should be covering. I check the comments section!

Like I've been saying, I switched the format up a bit with two new sections, titled "The Basic Idea" and "Why I Love It." The former is a short news-style lead that paints a vivid picture of what you're about to hear to get you interested and help you understand a little why I chose the record, while the latter serves simply as a review piece.

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So let's get stupid heavy with Separatist.

SeparatistThe Basic Idea

Separatist do dense, heavy material right to put it bluntly. The awareness of flow in songwriting and ability to diversify extreme music in such a way where the songs come across more like movements to the apocalypse is astounding, beautiful and crushing. This is what heavy music needs more of.

Why I Love It
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I'm just throwing this out there- most extreme music bores the living hell out of me. If I wanted to hear a bunch of dudes jerk off to technical riffs and lightspeed playing I'd just go watch some instructional videos. On that same token, if I wanted to hear mindlessly heavy music I'd just put on one of the thousand clone heavy bands anyone can find with extreme ease now. Then there's bands that try to be different but ultimately end up gimmicky… you get the picture. There's a lot of shitty heavy music out there. That being said, Separatist's Closure record is one of the sickest things I have ever heard in my life and you couldn't bore me with it if you put it on repeat and locked me in this room for a whole week.

Never before have I heard a record where I can go five minutes and hear soaring cleans with angelic choruses behind them, guttural lows that make slam look like One Direction, black metal sections that legitimately creep me right the hell out and technicality that I can hum along to and remember once it's over. The writing on Closure has obviously been paid close attention to down to every last note and hit on it, almost as one composes an intricate symphony. You know what? Let's go there- Closure is the death metal symphony I've wanted to hear and never really got to this capacity. If you're looking for amazingly well written songs that find a way to be mindlessly heavy while paying mind to the projected mindlessness, then this is for you.

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