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Bandcamp Buried Treasure

Maine's CAPTURE THE SUN Treats Instru-Metal Like Compositions

Instrumental music is difficult, but when it's done right… damn. Watch out world.

Instrumental music is difficult, but when it's done right... damn. Watch out world.

Welcome back to Bandcamp Buried Treasure! I feel like there's never enough instrumental music on here, mostly because most of the bands I find are boring as hell. Seriously, if you know of an instrumental metal band, let me know in the comments section! I have maybe one more lined up for this article down the road but then I'm fresh out. Anyway, you know the rules of the article by now:

  • I hunt down awesome artists on Bandcamp that have their album up for Buy It Now/Free Download and give them a write up. I'm not explicitly telling you to download the album for free since I'm a big supporter of buying your music, but I like the option for my readership to be there.
  • The goal is to introduce you to smaller bands or obscure side-projects you might not have heard of. Anything to expand your musical horizons by just a little bit each week!
  • And of course, for there to be a conversation about similar bands or bands you think I should be covering. I check the comments section!

The format consists of two separate sections, titled "The Basic Idea" and "Why I Love It." The former is a short news-style lead that paints a vivid picture of what you're about to hear to get you interested and help you understand a little why I chose the record, while the latter serves simply as a short review piece.

Let's sing along quietly to Capture the Sun now! Warm up them vocal chords!

Capture-the-SunThe Basic Idea

Capture the Sun nails the hallmark of a good instrumental album- you never sit there and wonder when the vocals are going to come in. Everything ebbs and flows as it should when written for a vocal-less ensemble and keeps it varied and interesting throughout. What more could you possibly ask for?

Why I Love It

It's not quite metal and it's not quite post-metal… there's this nice stride Capture the Sun hits on their self-titled record and it works for them. The record has an interlude here and there, but for he most part there's a lot of respectable musicianship going on. I say musicianship and not "s00per jizz gu1tar playerz l0l" because it's not music written for guitarists, or that isn't the vibe I'm getting from the album. It seems like when this was written, it was written for a whole band to play and not just one instrument in the spotlight with everyone else playing a backing track to it. This is music- this is what compositions are supposed to be like.

Speaking of songwriting, notice on each song how the progression from idea to idea is seamless and the need for repetition or gigantic meandering lines is pretty much never even visited. A solid idea on this album is a solid idea for as long as it needs to stay before it wears out its welcome. Then it's gone until it's either needed once or twice to bring the listener back or dropped all together. Again, the compositional skills are there.

So hey, Capture the Sun. Get on making more music.


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