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METALLICA Performed Kill 'Em All In It's Entirety At ORION This Weekend

If you missed Metallica's Orion festival, we've got you covered. During the first day of the fest, Metallica sprung a surprise set on their fans playing Kill 'Em All in full during the afternoon.

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If you looked on the schedule, a DeHaan was supposed to perform. DeHaan was a fake band that just uses the last name of Dane DeHaan, actor in the upcoming Metallica movie, Through The Never, to everyone's surprise.

Instead, Metallica came out with Hetfield talking a little bit to the crowd, and then bam! "Hit the Lights" comes on and they're off. It's cool that they did the album front to back and even cooler that they seemingly pulled it off really damn well.

The thing that got me most about the authenticity of the whole record being performed was that Rob Trujillo used the Cliff Burton bass through the entire thing and nailed "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)." Now if they can only keep doing that record live, take it back as inspiration in the studio, and knock out a really solid one…

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