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TIME, THE VALUATOR Presents PTSD Themes In Their Music Video For the Progcore Piece "The Violent Sound"

Posted by on August 11, 2017 at 11:20 am

Time, the Valuator is a relatively newly formed German progressive metalcore group. The band have released a couple singles, "When I Meet Death" and "Elusive Reasons" within the past year, but this new one reminds me of The Contortionist or Periphery and has really got me hooked. The clean vocals took awhile for me to get adjusted to, but the song is pure gold once the melody syncs up perfectly a little over a minute in. Plus, there's a tad of tasteful rap-like vocal deliveries and some sublime subdued moments.

Vocalist Phil spoke about the track saying, "We live in a time in which money is everything. It's worth separating families, manipulating the working class, creating fake enemies, and even killing. People go to war for ideologies not of their own, but of their cowardly leaders. Made up reasons are what people are told to fight for. Recent developments in our world have motivated me to write this song, because music helped me survive up to this point and my love for it continues to do so. Although it is a critical song, it symbolizes an outlet for all the frustration of what's going on."

We're excited to exclusively premiere the music for "The Violent Sound" on Metal Injection, featuring director Pavel Trebukhin, video effects by Christoph Jordan, as well as additional voices by Nico Schiesewitz, Lotti Holz and Anna Gerads. The single is also available on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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