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Top 10 Heavy Metal Viral Clips of 2008

2008 was a great year for ridiculously silly metal viral clips to be passed around to distract you from doing your work. We thought we would take a look back at our favorite 10 metal viral clips from last year:

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10) The Meshuggah Baby
This is absolutely the most metal baby on the internet. No other clip will make you simultaneously "aww" and raise your horns at the same time!

9) The King of Metal Fucks With TESTAMENT Fans
When we let comedian and all around King of Metal, Dave Hill loose on a bunch of Testament fans right before the Bay Area thrashers played NY. Questioning their trueness, and hitting them with a barrage of "What the fuck?" type questions, the fans didn't know what him them.

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8) Geraldo's 80's Satanic Special
Sure this technically came out in the 80s, but we just got wind of this magnificent clip a few months ago. In the 80s, people were deathly afraid of heavy metal as well as Satanism. People took that shit seriously, even providing warning signs for parents on what may be a sign that your child is a satanist. Great comedy value..

7) Thor Shredsteen in the recording studio
No description needed!

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6) Bike Hero
Sure, it was staged, but that doesn't make this clip any less cool. What if Guitar Hero was played on a bike? This would be what happens…

5) Chewbacca on Guitar
A late 2008 entry here at Metal Injection, but every time I watched this clip it put a huge smile on my face. See what happens when a dude tunes his guitar to the note of Chewey…

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4) Gym Class Heroes cover Lamb of God
This clip may have gotten the most pissed off reactions from our junkies. On this summer's Warped Tour, hip hoppers GYM CLASS HEROES decided to cover one of their favorite bands, LAMB OF GOD it what was a fail of epic proportions. Just terrible…

3) KFC Black Metal Commercial
This was a great year for black metal comedy. There was Black Metal Idol Auditions, Black Metal Prank Call, and the Black Metal Fashion Show but none were more absurd than the recent KFC Black Metal commercial.

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2) The Final Countdown on KazooKylele
Maybe my favorite viral clip of '08, this clip shows a kid who created an instrument melding a kazoo and a ukulele and performing one of the greatest rock anthems of all time…

1) Madonna covers Pantera
When Madonna decided to jam out on the famous Pantera riff from the song "A New Level", fans were really pissed. But, in my head, this showed just how huge metal has become that the Queen of Pop is just jamming out to one of the greatest riffs of all time…

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May 2009 bring equal amounts of absurdity in the field of metal comedy videos!

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