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MADONNA covers PANTERA; PANTERA fans reach 'New Level' of stupidity

First off all, never did I think that I would be blogging about Madonna covering a metal band like ever. But she did! At a recent show, somewhere (who cares really?) Madonna decided to pull out a little "New Level" riffage in homage to one of the greatest shredmasters of our time, Dimebag Darrell. And, much like with Fall Out Boy covering Pantera, some Pantera fans are not pleased (or intelligent). Here's what some loyal Cowboys From Hell are saying over at Blabbermouth:

anybody who thinks this is cool should never ever post a negative post about any of the bands from the 80's again!the fact that the she is holding a guitar does not make her a rocker and just because it happens to be a pantera riff does not make it a tribute or cool. she belongs in the dance hall of fame not the rock and roll hall. I did not even watch this garbage but more than likely she is lip syching like everything else. the people praising her for this are the same ones who trashed nickelback for making a real dime tribute song and they used his solo on the track.just another pub. stunt by this overrated attention whore.

Actually, the fact that she played the riff does make it a tribute. Thats actually exactly what it was. Why are you commenting on something you didn't even bother watching? I've never trashed Nickelback for making a Dime tribute, I trash them cause they absolutely blow.

There's NO way she's actually playing anything by talented Musicians.
F**k me, will wonders never cease, I wonder if we'll see Metallica Vogue!

No, but we've seen them do country.

This is Lame, I think she should give up on her 'career' particularly if she's going to try this sort of thing. artists have their place. Dime's was on stage, Madonna's is in obscurity. Much like her husbands film making career.

Ok, is this guy seriously trying to say that Pantera is more popular than Madonna? Umm, really? Where do you live, kid?

Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of people in that thread that thought this was actually pretty cool, and it was. Do you think when Vinnie Paul hears about this he's going to be like, oh that bitch, how dare she? No! He's going to be flattered that one of the biggest pop stars in the world recognizes who the fuck Pantera is! There are always going to be fans who cling to this music as theirs and find it blasphemous that anybody else wants to enjoy it. Get over yourselves.

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