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Today We Learned The First Recorded Instance of Death Growls Was From THE WHO in 1966

Basically, we're saying The Who invented death metal.

Basically, we're saying The Who invented death metal.

In 1966, The Who dropped their record A Quick One. On that record was the song "Boris the Spider," which features what one MetalSucks reader believes is the first usage of death metal vocals in the history of recorded music! Decide for yourself below!

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The "growl" is done by John Entwistle, bassist for the group. I can definitely hear how this might be a kind of precursor to the growled vocals we're used to today, but maybe not a direct influence. Still, it's cool to see it pop up years ahead of its time! I guess "invention of death metal vocals" can be added to Entwistle's posthumous resume.

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