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This New WOMBBATH Track Is What You Hear When You Descend To Hell

It's the buzzsaw that kills you and the soundtrack to the aftermath.

It's the buzzsaw that kills you and the soundtrack to the aftermath.

The first new Wombbath album in 22 years, aptly titled Downfall Rising, is due out August 21 via Dark Descent Records / Pulverized Records and it's going to kill everyone you know and love. The group has chosen us to premiere "Fall Of The Weak" and it is seriously the song that you'll hear when you're slowing descending into hell.

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The introductory riff has this creepy major-key feeling to it, but dissolves into a mid-paced, HM-2 riff fest that evokes the spirit of the tape-trading days. Sure, the song is nearly seven minutes long, but you'll find yourself scrambling for the repeat button on your now-bloody stumps the second it's over. Ready?

Jam the band's other track "Underneath The Rotten Soil" as well!

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