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THE MELVINS Cut Show Short After A Fan Throws A Bottle At Them

Having fun at a concert is one thing, but when you're endangering the welfare of anyone in attendance, you're ruining it for ever. The Melvins made that pretty clear at a show in Vancouver, BC.

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Something similar to this happened to Coheed and Cambria earlier on this year as well, but Coheed carried on after getting the people involved ejected. That was also just for fighting. This is someone actually chucking a (presumably) glass beer bottle up on stage and hitting Buzz Osbourne. Rightfully he just drops his guitar, audibly says "fuck you guys" a few times and the entire band bails out. On the basest level, I have to ask this; why the living hell are you chucking empty bottles of beer at anyone at all? Are you 12 and think you're super edgy and it's funny? Come on man, that's just low. There haven't been reports of Osbourne being injured, so I guess he's alright.

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