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COHEED AND CAMBRIA Frontman Does Not Like Fighting As His Shows

I've been a Coheed and Cambria fan for years, and never once have I ever imagine Cludio angry; he's just too much of a nice dude to really get up in arms about something. Or so I thought.

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Skip to 3:30 and watch the sparks fly. The band is halfway though "Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher," when Claudio just completely loses his shit over kids fighting in the crowd. He gets so angry that he just walks away from the microphone, kicks them out again, and then apologizes to the crowd for having to stop the song because of the incident. This isn't just a lead singer getting angry about a fight- you can tell it really bothered the living hell out of Claudio that there was any sort of violence going on in the crowd that endangered his fans. How's that for loving your audience?

After reading through a little bit of the comments section, I agree with the people saying Claudio did the right thing. It sucks that he had to stop the song because people obviously can't handle themselves in a way that allows for the enjoyment of the concert by everyone around them, but it was either that or continue and have someone (or multiple people) get themselves hurt.This goes for a lot of violence at concerts now though- it's awesome when you've got an energetic crowd that's looking out for one another, but when you're practicing your tough-guy karate in close proximity to everyone else… well, what the hell are you doing? Now the band is potentially worried, the crowd is having to pay attention to you and not the music, and everyone's having a little less of a good time. Thanks for that.

Regardless if it were just a fight between two people, a pit, someone spin kicking like they're really cool, or otherwise; just be cool. It's sad to see someone performing their art have to drop out of "the moment" and really get angry and even potentially upset.

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