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Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: CONTRARIAN Offer Up Proggy Excellence On "Memory Eternal"

Hey there tech-fiends, it's that time of the week again. I've got an exciting premiere to show you today from Contrarian, and next week will likewise feature an early stream for a sick band! Before we begin, here's the usual reminder that if you're looking for more cool new jams, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

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By now, I'm sure most of us have heard of Contrarian, their 2015 album, Polemic, was highly praised, and I've been a fan of these dudes since their 2014 EP, Predestined. Even then it was obvious the group was focused on dialing in a very specific kind of old-meets-new prog-death sound.  One that draws from a 90's inspired prog-death core spliced with more modern technical death metal elements. On July 28th, the band is set to drop their 2nd album, To Perceive Is to Suffer through Willowtip Records. We've got the exclusive premiere of a new song from it called "Memory Eternal for you today. The time to jam is now.

Overall, "Memory Eternal" reminds me of an elegant fusion between Cynic and Death inspired ideas, and the end result is proggy, heavy, ethereal, and an all around impressively crafted death metal song any way you slice it. All of the musicians involved bring killer performances to the table. Given that the band features Nile drummer George Kollias in their ranks, it's no surprise his drumming here is intense, and at times quite different than how he would play in his other groups. This is the first release by Contrarian to feature George Kollias as the vocalist, and his high harsh screams lend a different feeling to the music than growled vocals would.

The guitar work from Jim Tasikas (Delirium Endeavor) and Brian Mason (Sulaco) is subdued yet memorable, dishing out a wide variety of  multi-layered ideas, and a rad solo, in the short three and a half minute runtime of "Memory Eternal". Last, but definitely not least, the contributions of bassist Ed Paulsen (Delirium Endeavor) are on a whole other fucking level, damn near channeling some Sean Malone shit. The song has a ridiculous number of funky fantastic bass lines and moments where Ed's parts take center stage. If you dig what you're hearing, To Perceive Is to Suffer can be pre-ordered through the Contrarian Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow Contrarian over on their Facebook Page as well.

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Contrarian remind us that the genre is full of multitalented musicians. As a group, they’re certainly no exception.