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Best of 2017

Tech-Death Tuesday: A Retrospective Look At The Best Technical Death Metal Of 2017

Hey there Tech-fiends, it's that time of the week again. I thought I'd do a year-end feature similar to how I ended my 2016 coverage, with another extensive best of feature for my favorite 2017 tech-death releases. Then once 2018 begins, I'll be right back at it with plenty of early exclusive streams and new underground acts to show you all year long. Out of all the releases listed below, here is my absolute top 15 tech-death releases of 2017, in no particular order listed by band name only: Gigan, Bufihimat, Archspire, Pyrrhon, Coma Cluster Void, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Virulent Depravity, Sutrah, Fractal Universe, John Frum, SunlessArtificial Brain, NYN, and Replacire. If any of those names are new to you, be sure to click on the band name to check them out.

The following lists below of my favorite 2017 tech-death full-lengths and the secondary list for favorite EPs will be unranked to save me the hassle of trying to place them in a highly specific order. Instead, place a little blind trust in me that each one listed is well worth investing time in or checking out at a minimum. Especially if its releases by bands you haven't heard of so far, an important point of distinction since my goal with this column is to show you more of what's out there that's good beyond what most of us know.

I'm going to place all my lesser known favorites first, and the ones from established names after, that way you can get a sense of what you might have missed in 2017 in an easy streamlined way. Lastly, we all have different favorites, so if a favorite of yours isn't here, it just simply didn't pan out as a favorite of mine for the year. Hopefully, you will find some good new music you didn't know existed until now, that's the real goal here. Each album hyperlinks to it's prospective Bandcamp pages in order to make checking these out easy. Happy hunting.


Fractal Universe – Engram of Decline
Sutrah – Dunes
Virulent Depravity – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
Sunless – Urraca
Amentia – Scourge
Exocrine – Ascension
The Hallowed Catharsis – Solar Cremation
Ezerath – Overture: The Heir Apparent
Grotesque – Feedback Loop
NYN – Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt
Viledriver – Primary
Bufihimat – I
Raster Density – Mother ov Mankind
Spectrum of Delusion – Esoteric Entity
Redemptor – Arthaneum
Dark Matter Secret – Perfect World Creation
The Last of Lucy – Ashvattha
Ingurgitating Oblivion – Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
Daemogog – Ancient Extradigestional Rites
Enfold Darkness – Adversary Omnipotent
Gigan – Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence
Pyrrhon – What Passes For Survival
Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon
Replacire – Do Not Deviate
Archspire –Relentless Mutation
Origin – Unparalled Universe


Coma Cluster Void – Thoughts From A Stone
Blasteroid – Universal Knowledge
Samskaras – Asunder
Obsoletenova – Malfunction In Sensory Illusion
Cryogenocide – Torn Apart By Two Gravities
SlaveOne – An Abstract and Metaphysical Approach to Deceit
Dream Void – Sanctimonious
Parius – Let There Be Light
Theory In Practice – Crescendo Dezign

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