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Tech-Death Tuesday: SULPHUR SUN Dwell In Enthralling Darkness On "Vitreous"

Hey there tech fiends, it's that time of the week again. As promised, this week's edition begins 4 straight weeks of exclusive premieres in this space so stay tuned next week for more fresh madness. Before we dive into today's Sulphur Sun song premiere, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for more cool bands, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

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Today's focus is on "Vitreous", the first song in four years from skilled Bern, Switzerland natives Sulphur Sun. I think what's most notable of all about the music on "Vitreous" is the very interesting mix of styles interwoven together in strange knots and bursts on the song. Though it's in the more dissonant camp of tech death overall, there's also a defined progressive death metal element to it that expertly contrasts with the grim side to the song. In addition, there are some threads of conventional tech death found on "Vitreous" as well.

To me, "Vitreous" and their sound overall, comes across a bit like twisting a Rubik's cube into strange new combinations of different shapes. Combine a bit of Gorguts and a bit of Nile/Behemoth element, add to the mixture with some Ulcerate and top with nightmare inspiration from Deathspell Omega. The end result comes out as a sound that's uniquely their own, due in part to the top notch songwriting, while also being massively heavy and just plain fucking pitch black horrific music done right all the way around.

Although only a single song, "Vitreous" encompasses an immense wealth of killer ideas which form a twisting labyrinth-like structure, one that shifts and mutates into new territory countless times as the behemoth of a song progresses. Sulphur Sun is clearly a band to watch moving forwards, and I was told a new album is in the works right now for release within the next two years. For now, you can also check out their fascinating 2013 EP Bioluminescence on their Bandcamp page if you want. Be sure to follow the group on their Sulphur Sun Facebook page as well.

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