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Tech-Death Tuesday: SINGULARITY Return As Further Evolved Beings On Void Walker

In today's Tech-Death Tuesday, we dive into an early stream of Void Walker, the newest release from Arizona based tech-death/black metal hybrid act. This is a killer release, don't miss out!

In today's Tech-Death Tuesday, we dive into an early stream of Void Walker, the newest release from Arizona based tech-death/black metal hybrid act. This is a killer release, don't miss out!

Hey there Tech-Death fiends! As always, it's that time of the week, so onwards and shredwards we strive to reach. While I knew last weeks stream of Mind Cemeteries by Coma Cluster Void would prove somewhat divisive and polarizing in its reaction, I still think its an important release that I'm glad we could cover here even if it may have been too unorthodox for many of your tastes out there. Granted, today's early stream of the new Singularity EP is not an entirely "orthodox" or standard presentation of tech-death either with all of its symphonic and black metal leanings. But I think it might win more of you all over than last weeks in terms of the overall opinions of the wonderful bastards who read this column each week. Before we dive into the new Singularity, here's the usual reminder that if you're looking for more sick music, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

Whether you're having fun or not, time does indeed seem to fly by, depressing at times as that may be. I say that because a quick check of internet results shows me I've been covering the fantastic Arizona group known as Singularity since 2013 when I first covered them at Nocleansinging. While this was before their much celebrated self-titled debut from 2014, which I helped premiere "Throne of Thorns" from early, I did make sure to cover them here at Tech-Death Tuesday earlier this year as well for anyone who didn't know them already. So as usual, it feels like things are coming full circle in a new level of evolution with the band releasing by far their best release to date on a new EP entitled Void Walker.

Sure, the band is still playing an eclectic crossbreed of tech-death and symphonic black metal, but that's hardly average for the sub-genre of tech-death to begin with. And as its seemed from their very beginnings, Singularity are a group that really know how to push themselves into a higher stratosphere and level of excellence with each new song and release. Void Walker showcases a further tilt in their split duality between tech-death and black metal, not quite always tipping the scales more towards black metal. But frequently doing so, and in increasingly varied and different ways than they've done so in the past.

The fact that Singularity recently went out on a US based tour with fellow high grade tech-fiends Arkaik and Vale of Pnath should tell you a thing or two about their drive and ambitions as a band only bound to continue to get better. Honestly, I don't see why these dudes haven't been fucking signed already. Until then, we here in the underground will continue to praise them, and urge you to give them a shot as well. The music is fantastic, and truly sticks with you with its endless labyrinth of killer rhythm riffs, mesmerizing lead playing, ferocious vocals, bouncy bass lines, bombastic synth overloads, and decimating drum work.

It's been a pleasure and point of pride to see Singularity grow over the years, and if you're really fucking up and have never heard their music to date, now is your chance for redemption with our full early stream of Void Walker presented below. Singularity – Void Walker officially drops this Friday, September 2nd. Pre-orders are now live through their Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow their Singularity Facebook Page as well!

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