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Tech-Death Tuesday

DEFORMATORY – “Impaled Upon The Carrionspire” Shreds With Help From ex-Cryptopsy Mastermind Jon Levasseur

DEFORMATORY – Inversion of the Unseen Horizon – Album Cover

Hey there, tech fiends. It's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for even more sick bands to hear, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

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I've got a really cool premiere for you today called "Impaled Upon The Carrionspire" from the Canadian technical brutal death metal act Deformatory. The last time I covered the band was back in 2016 when their prior album Malediction came out. So when I was approached about helping the band launch today's new single, I was more than happy to say yes. Deformatory – Inversion of the Unseen Horizon drops on Friday, September 3rd.

If you're new to the group, Deformatory has been around since 2010, and Inversion of the Unseen Horizon will be the group's 3rd album thus far. Deformatory's take on technical brutal death metal, as cited by the band, has been inspired by acts like Origin, Hate Eternal, and Cryptopsy among others. So if you're a fan of those groups, that's a solid reference point when it comes to deciding whether or not you might dig today's launch of "Impaled Upon The Carrionspire" and the group's releases. It also seems worth noting that this is the first release from the band where the main line-up is stripped down to a basic duo format yet that doesn't lead to diminished results musically on their upcoming album.

Although the role played by ex-Cryptopsy guitarist Jon Levasseur on "Upon The Carrionspire" is limited, it's pretty fucking cool to hear one of the all-time technical death metal guitar greats back at it again on some new music. Contributing both a classical guitar intro and an electric guitar solo later in the song that are quite impressive.

Deformatory comments, ""Impaled Upon The Carrionspire" is a balanced taste of what you can expect from the solid, bone-crushing sonic experience found on DEFORMATORY’s upcoming album ‘Inversion of the Unseen Horizon’.

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A maniacal riff-fest colliding with pulverizing drumming and grotesquely executed vocals, Impaled Upon The Carrionspire is a memorable journey into a modern death metal portal of chaos. This is beyond a brutal wall of sound; it’s an experience that hooks you in, and guides you through everything you can expect to hear on the new album.

The only thing this track was missing was to resurrect one of the most insanely talented guitarists in the genre to jump on board. Oh, wait. They did.

Jon Levasseur – the ex-genius shredder of Cryptopsy who wrote None So Vile – joined fellow his Canadians on this track with a foreboding classical guitar intro, followed by a blistering Cryptopsy-approved solo and finishing it off with the textures that can only be created in the Great White North.

All of this has been crammed into a frenetic visual experience created by the Polish videographer Chariot of Black Moth, propelling the viewer/listener deeper into death metal madness."

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You can check out Deformatory – "Impaled Upon The Carrionspire" below. If you like what you're hearing, pre-orders for Inversion of the Unseen Horizon can be placed here. If you'd like to follow the group, you can do so over on the Deformatory Facebook Page.

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