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Tech-Death Tuesday: CHAOS MOTION Strand Listeners In An “Unscrupulousness Resolution” Grid Surging With Madness


Hey there, tech fiends. It's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for even more sick bands to hear, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

As many of you know, the dissonant side of tech-death is a realm I love just as much as the more "normal" sounding stuff, in fact, I often enjoy this side of the style more because it is so unorthodox and unusual. Even within that sub-niche for tech-death, like anything else, you're going to find a lot more groups who imitate without innovating or making it their own, versus the smaller number of bands seeking to do something somewhat their own that builds upon everything before them.

For this far narrower field of dissonant tech-death talent seeking to keep the sound moving forwards, France by way of Mexico (originally) mindfuckers Chaos Motion, clearly a name that references the initial post-Gorguts project Negativa, and, their song called "Chaos in Motion",  is on to something truly special. The band will release their debut album, Psychological Spasms Cacophony, on October 18th through Transcending Obscurity Records. We're focusing on the launch of "Unscrupulousness Resolution" today. As always, you can click play below, or read on a bit more about the song and the band as you jam.

Stylistically, "Unscrupulousness Resolution",  like much the rest of the album, takes the loose and freaky format of Gorguts-era Obscura, and, filters it through a modern finessed lens aided by absurd technicality and brutal edged spurts that combines the best of what Baring Teeth and Wormed have accomplished in the post-Obscura era.

Which means, this is both oddball music yet ruthless all the same, you can give nods to what is similar to it, but, this is its own beast ultimately. In the interest of clarity, it is only right to share the song we're premiering today had previously been released in 2016 ( La Porte Des Damnés, 2016 French Metal compilation) but we were not told this prior and it was too late to back out once I learned this on my own the day before this premiere. For almost everyone, this is still a premiere, so, ignore the last bit if it is not relevant.

I asked Kunal from Transcending Obscurity if the band had something to say about "Unscrupulousness Resolution", who had a great statement to share. Chaos Motion breaks down "Unscrupulousness Resolution" in the following way: "The title of this piece refers to an ambiguity between two consciences, ending in a crude and fatal absurdity. Musically speaking, it is based on the contrast of two different styles, such as death metal and jazz. For example, at the beginning, one can perceive an allusion to jazz, with a sudden interference in a death metal style. In the middle of the piece, there appears a confrontational dialogue between bass guitar -with improvised solos- and guitars -with written and defined solos-. Another important element is how the piece ends in an outrage of folly, with the instruments projected in all directions, thus confirming this alienation."

So, I urge you to check out the song below, and, if you're into it, the album is available for pre-order here and here. You can follow the group over on the Chaos Motion Facebook Page.

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