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Tea Partiers Don't Get GWAR

GWAR have been killing celebrities and political figures for most of their 25 years of existance on Earth. Recently, they have incorporated a Sarah Palin kill which has been getting some mainstream publicity and her goon-squad of Tea Partiers don't seem to get the joke. The Youtube video in question has been bombarded with right-wingers who clearly don't understand the band and most likely never heard of them until their favorite right-wing blog posted the video. Here is just a taste at some great comments left on the video:

1jaydeedub writes: What a bunch of no talent losers and it says even less about those that enjoy this type of entertainment. If they'd done this to a likeness of Obama the secret service would have em in a dark room for awhile asking them a few questions.

PhillipMcLoins says Idiots should stay away from topics they know nothing about. I don't know who GWAR is or really care for that matter, but I would say that the majority of those in the audience are incapable of correctly pointing out their right or left hand if their lives depended on it. I understood nothing the band way saying in the songs.

billymac72 saysMore evidence of the totalitarian instinct on the left. I wonder how many fans knew they were purchasing tickets for a political indoctrination rally when Gwar came to town.

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By the way, I've looked around and see they've done similar things to President Obama and Hilary Clinton very recently. At least they're equal opportunity, nihilistic morons.

So, maybe not so much "leftist" as they are anarchists? Disgusting.

Well, at least that last guy actually took the time to look up GWAR is equally hateful towards the left as they are the right. They are equal-opportunity murderers and this publicity does nothing but gets their name out further and makes them bigger. So, I'm sure GWAR is really thankful for all the tea party hate and want keep it coming.

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