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Song Premiere

ZEAL & ARDOR's Haunting Track "Come On Down" Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard!

A track so haunting and mesmerizing you’ll leave it on repeat all day!

A track so haunting and mesmerizing you’ll leave it on repeat all day!

If you’re not familiar with Swiss-American soundscape artist Manuel Gagneux, a.k.a. Zeal & Ardor, then you’re in for a treat! By combining slave chants and black metal, fused with electronic prowess, he manages to create a juxtaposition that can be both heard and felt in every kind of music lover.

Zeal & Ardor’s debut, Devil Is Fine, will see a world-wide release on February 24th, and as one of my favorite albums for the past 7 months, I couldn't recommend it more. The album paints a vivid picture of the past and the future, while pushing the boundaries of metal music further than ever before. It’s truly a remarkable experience, both audibly and socially, that is worth your undivided attention.

Needless to say, I’m beyond stoked to premiere the release of “Come On Down” from Devil Is Fine. The song that started my obsession with the album, and a track so haunting and mesmerizing you’ll wind up leaving it on repeat all damn day!

Pre-order your copy of Zeal & Ardor's Devil Is Fine via digital or physical today!

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