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Witness Death Metal "Désintégration" From Québec's OUTRE-TOMBE

Posted by on September 27, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Québécois death metal could be all that needs to be said about Outre-Tombe. The quartet is a conduit for all that is great about—not only Québec's scene—but classic death metal as a whole. The Canadians take the blood-curdling stomp of bands like Grave and Asphyx and give it crystalline precision. This has been Outre-Tombe's modus operandi since their inception. In eight years, they've only released two full-length albums and a demo. This emphasis on quality over quantity shows a meticulousness not seen very often in death metal. The result is a sensational track like "Désintégration."

The second track on Outre-Tombe's new album, Nécrovortex, is a frenetic three minutes. Opening on a blistering riff before devolving into a gore-ridden chug that is impossible not to bob your head to. That sort of motif defined a lot of 90's death metal. In the hands of Outre-Tombe's diligence, it's given new life. It is a more exacting, refined evil.

Stream the new track below. Temple of Mystery Records will release Nécrovortex on October 17 on CD and vinyl (special edition here). If you're heading to Québec or Maryland Deathfest this year, be sure to check out Outre-Tombe live.


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