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Song Premiere

VACANT EYES Ushers In Autumn With Its Doom-Laden New Song "A Timeless Vault"

FFO: Clouds, Swallow The Sun, Esoteric, etc.

FFO: Clouds, Swallow The Sun, Esoteric, etc.

Vacant Eyes is taking its time in releasing its debut LP, though if it's going to be even half as good as the band's debut EP The Dim Light Of Introversion, things are not to be rushed. While you're waiting, we've been given the grim-robed privilege of premiering Vacant Eyes' demo of a new song titled "A Timeless Vault." It's got all the hallmarks of funeral doom-type bands like Clouds and Swallow The Sun, yet the melodic sensibilities of bands like Insomnium.

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Plus, this is only a demo! Who the hell knows how great "A Timeless Vault" is going to be once things are in full swing with the full length? According to the band, the album A Somber Preclusion Of Being will be out sometime this winter, and will be 6 tracks and 70 minutes long. A Somber Preclusion Of Being is being engineered by Brian Westbrook (Lich King) at Sonic Titan Studios in the hills of Shelburne Falls, MA, close to the band's home in Easthampton, MA.

Keep up with Vacant Eyes on Facebook here, and absolutely go grab The Dim Light Of Introversion here.

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