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SPIRIT ADRIFT Crafts A Wonderfully Doomed Cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow"

"A Man of Constant Sorrow" appeared early in the 20th century. Originally released by Dick Burnett, "Farewell Song" was recreated and re-recorded numerous times during the next century. Some of the most notable recreations include ones from Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. The song changed titles a number of times, depending on who covered it. Of course, the most famous one came in 2000's O Brother Where Art ThouThe Soggy Bottom Boys made their version of the song; it consequently became a central point on the multi-platinum selling soundtrack of the film. The classic track gets another makeover in 2017, courtesy of Arizona's Spirit Adrift.

Nate Garrett is the man behind the desert doom band. His efforts as Spirit Adrift have continued to grow since its founding in 2015. Garrett's latest effort is a doom metal version of "Man of Constant Sorrow". He contributed the song to an upcoming split with Denver's Khemmis, entitled Fraught With Peril (listen to Khemmis' stellar track here). Nate is originally from Arkansas and his Southern heritage lends a familiarity between his version and ones past. Yet, as he alludes to, there are many other styles that seep into the cover. These styles culminate in a thunderous performance and, combined with Khemmis' half of the split, create one of the year's most riveting releases.

SPIRIT ADRIFT Crafts A Wonderfully Doomed Cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow"

"My grandmother gave me the idea to record a rendition of Man of Constant Sorrow. Both sides of my family are rooted in the south, and I have always felt drawn to bluegrass, blues, country, and even gospel music from below the Mason-Dixon. There is a thread of earnest yearning, heartache, and loss that ties it all together." Garrett stated. "That same sense of tragedy is present in doom, so thematically the song made sense within a heavy context. Musically, I set out to incorporate vibes of Mob Rules-era Sabbath, New Orleans sludge, Neil Young, US Christmas, and the like. While this recording is not necessarily indicative of the future direction of Spirit Adrift material, maybe it’ll paint a picture of where I came from."

Listen to Spirit Adrift's cover of "Man of Constant Sorrow" below. Make sure to also order a copy of the Fraught With Peril split through War Crime Recordings. The split arrives on June 16.

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