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Song Premiere: WARFATHER (Steve Tucker of MORBID ANGEL) Harnesses Classic Death Metal on "Headless Men Can No Longer Speak"

You might know Steve Tucker from his time in Morbid Angel, but check out his newest works with WarFather!

You might know Steve Tucker from his time in Morbid Angel, but check out his newest works with WarFather!

WarFather has created an apocalyptic brand of Death Metal since their inception in 2012. The deadly quartet features Morbid Angel vocalist and bassist, Steve Tucker, who has been joined by Jake Koch on guitars and Bryan Bever on drums. September 16th will mark the release of WarFather's second studio album, The Grey Eminence, which is being released through Greyhaze Records. The album is being produced by Eric Rutan, a member of Hate Eternal and Steve Tucker's former bandmate in Morbid Angel when they released Gateways to Annihilation in 2000. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering a new song from the impending album, entitled "Headless Men Can No Longer Speak"

Warfather - The Grey Eminence

The second song from The Grey Eminence is five minutes of unyielding Death Metal that certainly draws from a Morbid Angel aura, as much of the album does. Tucker brings a lot of the same charisma and fervor into WarFather to create a classic Death Metal sound that stands strong in a new era of Metal. On "Headless Men Can No Longer Speak", complex guitar scales and blast beats clamor out from the three musicians like a stampede of horse-mounted soldiers storming into battle. Lyrics follow a similar story, as Tucker bellows out to his troops the strategies and terrors of battle. Steve commented on the song and the album by saying,

"I am excited for people to get to hear anything from The Grey Eminence, and I feel this song is a good representative of what the album is about. Ferocious truth."

The Grey Eminence can be pre-ordered through the Greyhaze Records store while WarFather can be found on Facebook. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more music to come. If that classic Death Metal sound is what you are after, I highly recommend checking out the track below and picking up the album when it comes out later this year. Steve is also hitting the studio with Trey Azagthoth as Morbid Angel is gearing up for their tenth studio album.

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