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Song Premiere

Song Premiere: MARE COGNITUM Reveals "Occultated Temporal Dimensions" Through Cosmic Black Metal

Gravity shifts, the planet shakes, and this one-man Black Metal force emerges with new music.

Gravity shifts, the planet shakes, and this one-man Black Metal force emerges with new music.

One-man atmospheric Black Metal entity, Jacob Buczarski, operates under the moniker of Mare Cognitum. Much like the lunar plain in which his project is named after, Jacob emits a dark, astral aura through his prism of tremolo guitar, blast beats, and distant scream. His 2014 album, Phobos Monolith, was a hulking display of cosmic and sonic rapture that was captivating from open to close. Buczarski has been working as Mare Cognitum since 2011 and has been consistently releasing material since the project's inception. He returns this year with a new full-length album, entitled Luminiferous Aether. His fourth and most intense full-length album yet.

Mare Cognitum - Luminiferous Aether

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Mare Cognitum has always been a fascinating listen and that is why it is with great pleasure that Metal Injection gives readers and fans a premiere of Luminiferous Aether's fourth track, "Occultated Temporal Dimensions". The 11 and a half minute track encapsulates the more violent and nihilistic nature of Buczarski's newest effort. After an ominous opening couple of minutes, gravity collapses and the track erupts into a supernova of rageful instrumentation that sustains throughout a large majority of the song. Idiosyncratic Black Metal styling is fed through a wormhole as frenetic string picking and drumming drip with the inevitable demise of humanity and time as it is known. It is within the final two minutes that galactic order restores and the limitless emptiness of the universe return, capping off a remarkable track.

Luminiferous Aether arrives on September 16th on CD and digital download through I, Voidhanger Records (a stellar label if you are not familiar with it) with the vinyl release slated for later this year through Fallen Empire Records. The album's cover art and Mare Cognitum's new logo were designed by Moonroot Art. The track listing for Luminiferous Aether can be found beneath the featured track. Mare Cognitum can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp, where there will be regular updates for the new album and future work from the project.

Luminiferous Aether Track Listing

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1. Heliacal Rising (8:51)
2. The First Point Of Aries (9:23)
3. Constellation Hipparchia (12:29)
4. Occultated Temporal Dimensions (11:24)
5. Aether Wind (8:26)

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